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Web Design

Web Design is a practice of making Websites out of a combination of text and photos. It is up to the web designer to do as best possible job conveying information about a topic ( Usually a product or business ) to the general public. In a business website, the web designer has to get a complete idea of what the business is about, who the customers are, and what they are hoping to find online. The Best Web designers need to have the ability of art and marketing under their belt to best convey something of value to the public. Many times Web design is restricted by what the business owner wants instead of what is best for their potential customer. If you take a typical Real Estate website many agents believe it is about them as they are constantly trying to "Brand Them Self" to get popular so the general public will choose them to represent them in a transaction. It is far wiser to have a website, whereas the public finds what they want, some form of advice to help them in their quest to buy or sell a home, and some offer of value in using that particular agent. Contractor websites usually are similar whereas many contractors believe it is about them, Instead of the general public customer. If the contractor showed the projects they can do and simply showed before, during, and after results, then gave an idea of how long and how much, they would do far better. Take restaurants for example. You will notice it is about the menu. Many times it is about the items a business offers and how to get those items.

A Successful Website

A successful Website is has a lot to do with what is offered. This could be the "Marketing." No one is buying 8 track tapes and for that reason supply and demand is a factor in the success of a website and the business as a whole. When you make an offer on a website to the general public it does not always have to be a discount. It simply has to have value. You can look at any local ad in print, magazine newspaper etc and find many oil change facilities make a huge mistake in their offer. You've seen them hundreds of time. Oil Change for anywhere from $16 - $20. That isn't the problem. The problem is that the offer is for oil only 10 % of the cars on the road actually use. Think about it. Does your car and everyone else's car use synthetic oil? So this makes the offer obsolete. Why not make an offer for synthetic oil so 90% of the people can see what your offer is. It doesn't need to be the cheapest. You would be the only one extending the offer. The offer everyone wants and needs. Make your web design offer about what people want and need and your website will be a success. I think you get the idea of the Web design marketing part.

The Design Part of Web Design

How a web page looks and flows has changed so much as of recently. The general public has no idea what is involved in building a website. They may have a friend who use to do it and think easy peasy. Now a website has to be built for mobile. Did you know that 57% of all web use is on phones or Tablets? The numbers are even higher for those who actually use local businesses. Plain and simple, that means your web designer had better make your website for mobile first. There are many other things that search engines look for now. Secure site https:, Schema, back links, directories, be on topic, and a good offer of value. Then add in the about us or contact us, specials, reviews or testimonials. Photos that represent your business, your products will affect the subconscious in most visitors. Videos are also a great way to convey your message.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Website Search Engine Optimization is about trying to rank on search engines usually for what your business does so you show up when someone does a particular search which might involve your business. We all know we get those calls promising the world about ranking in the top results if you already have a website. No one can promise you ranking as they are making promises about another multi billion dollar company or two that has nothing to do with them. Some web developers may be good at it one day and lost the next as the algorithms change constantly. Even the web developers who charge very large sums of money are basically "Just doing their best" with a limited amount of tools. No one knows what the next person is going to type in a search 100% of the time to second guess the result. Website Search Engine Optimization constantly changes even for the same search one week to the next. Let's say you own an electrical contractor company, and you try to set up your web site for electrician and the town you are in. That's all fine but the next person types in LED lighting town you are in. Very different results.

What about buying ads on Search engines?

For some this is the answer, for others who know the end result, you wont find them doing it. If you get a well done website by a good web designer who gets you in the top ten for what people will type in, you can have great results for a lot less money. If you do buy ads online, research it and buy smart.

Paying For Third Party Websites

They make it sound so appealing. The results are generally dismal at best. Ask any hotel operator or owner. Do you think they want to pay for all those "reservation online gimmicky websites?" What about Real Estate Agents paying for third party websites almost always go broke trying? Advertising is Important and that is why you need to do it. Smart advertising is very different than seeing what sticks. One more thing. Just because you tried one form of advertising does not mean you really tried it. You have to have the right message and the right timing. Just think about the $18.95 oil change ad that never works no matter where they advertise. The ad is obsolete as they failed to make an offer for todays cars that use synthetic oil. However the Lube and Oil change owner will stand steadfast and tell you I have tried that and it doesn't work. Picture trying to tell the business owner in a nice way he failed himself by the ad he placed. Picture how difficult it can be being a web designer trying to help someone who does not understand that they have been in the business so long, the business has changed and past them by.

The Average Successful Local Business Spends Around 14% of Their Gross Income on Advertising

You will want to make sure it is money well spent.
Be Careful of lengthy contracts.
Print ads for a one time event is usually a big waste.
Do Understand the average person subconciously sees some form of advertising 8 times before looking into something they may already want or need.
We make websites and while it would help grow our bottom line we do not suggest to anyone to buy click advertising from anyone. That includes Google and Yelp. Facebook maybe but hereagain, there are better ways.
When we build websites now, we build them so you can easily place a short sentence or two and a weblink to your website. On the back end, your business automatically shows up.Thhink about that across 5 6 or 8 social medias daily with a quick copy and paste.

Lake Havasu Websites
2160 McCulloch Blvd N Ste 102 C
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 86403, United States

Phone: 928-846-8008

Lake Havasu Websites is conveniently located at
2160 McCulloch Blvd North, Ste 102 C.
We are 1.5 miles up McCulloch Blvd from the London Bridge.
The 4th building on the right as you pass Mulberry.
We are on McCulloch between Mulberry and Acoma
just down the hill from Smiths Supermarket,
approx 1/3 mile on the left.
We have parking in the front and rear of the building,

Lake Havasu Websites
2160 McCulloch Blvd North, Ste 102 C,
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


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